STADIUM 18 EC Able to Resolve Rice Stem Borers (Outs)

It’s like the old saying that says “where there is rice, there are always stem borer pests”. This is true, rice farmers always suffer losses due to rice stem borer attacks. This rice pest can attack rice from the nursery to harvest. Over a long period of time, these attacks can at any time result in losses for farmers. However, there is a critical period, where if the rice plants are attacked by stem borers, the potential yield will be lost. The critical period is in the generative phase, namely age 40 – 70 HST. Chemical control efforts must pay more attention to this critical period.

The use of dimehipo active ingredients, such as MANUVER 400 SL, has been used by farmers for a long time. It is necessary to look for other active ingredients, which are proven to be effective against rice stem borers. Several internal experiments carried out by PT BIOTIS AGRINDO, it turns out that STADIUM 18 EC, which contains the active ingredient abamectin, is effective against rice stem borers. The experiment was carried out from August to October 2014, with 4 types of treatment, namely: (1) STADIUM 18 EC 30 ml / tank; (2) STADIUM 18 EC + Other Insecticides 100 ml / tank; (3) 30 ml STADIUM 18 EC + 70 ml MANUVER 400 SL per tank; (4) Farmers (Control). Spraying is carried out in the critical period, namely 40 – 70 HST 5 times.

The following results were obtained:

  1. STADIUM 18 EC is able to suppress blackout attacks by up to 99%
  2. Mixing STADIUM 18 EC + MANUVER 400 SL is able to suppress attacks by up to 97%
  3. Spraying STADIUM 18 EC alone was compared with spraying STADIUM 18 EC + MANUVR 400 SL, providing results in suppressing blackout attacks that were not significantly different. However, mixing these two insecticides can avoid potential pest resistance to STADIUM 18 EC
  4. Spraying STADIUM 18 EC + MANUVER 400 SL is highly recommended rather than spraying STADIUM 18 EC alone. If STADIUM 18 EC is sprayed singly, it is recommended to rotate spraying with the MANUVER 400 SL.

To avoid clumping or settling when mixing, follow the suggestions below as follows:

  1. Mix STADIUM 18 EC with MANUVER 400 SL in the bucket. It is not recommended to mix directly without a solvent (water).
  2. Take a bucket, fill it with 5 liters of water
  3. Pour MANUVER 400 SL 50 – 70 ml into a bucket filled with water, then stir until evenly mixed.
  4. Then pour STADIUM 18 EC 30 m into the bucket which has mixed MANUVER 400 SL evenly with water. Stir until evenly mixed
  5. Pour the solution: water + MANUVER 400 SL + STADIUM 18 EC into the tank which has been filled with water one third – one fourth of the tank
  6. Add water to the tank until it is full
  7. Ready to spray.

Product packages for Rice plants by PT BIOTIS AGRINDO.

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