PT. Biotis Agrindo is a formulator company operating in the agrochemical sector which since 1984 has been involved in the pesticide distribution business. Starting from an agrochemical distribution business in the city of Palembang, PT. Biotis continues to develop its business consistently, opening distribution offices in almost all areas of Sumatra and important cities such as Medan, Padang, Jambi, Pekanbaru, Bangka, Bengkulu and Lampung.

In early 2001, the government deregulated pesticide licensing by revoking regulations that limited pesticide permit holders and opening it up as widely as possible to prospective permit holders to register their pesticides. After more or less operating in the world of distribution for 18 years, PT. Biotis Agrindo operates at the formulator level. In collaboration with several principals from Europe, China and Malaysia, PT. Biotis Agrindo began registering its products with the Department of Agriculture (c.q. Pesticides Commission).

To market its products, PT. Biotis Agrindo collaborates with distribution networks/businesses that have been previously established. The distribution network experienced expansion, initially only on the island of Sumatra, then expanding to the entire island of Java and Sulawesi. In order to support promotional activities in the field, PT. Biotis has a field workforce of 125 people spread across 15 provinces in Indonesia

To fulfill its commitment, in early 2010, PT. Biotis Agrindo has a new factory located in the Modern – Cikande factory complex with a total area of almost 1.2 Ha.

For the years ahead, PT. Biotis Agrindo wishes to continue to develop in order to carry out its vision, mission and commitment.

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